A superlearner is someone who can quickly acquire or generate huge amounts of knowledge. Typical sueprlearner will be able to read many books and articles very fast, remember the information encountered in these sources, unleash creativity and generate new solutions, describe these solution quickly and in highly organized form, manage his efforts and generate value for other people. All of the required skills are addressed within keytostudy blog.

Skills addressed by the Udemy superlearner course Edit

The udemy superlearner course describes basic techniques for speedreading and advanced memorization. It does not teach creativity, time management, language skills, speed writing and other related superlearning techniques. Dedicated courses for these other skills are under development.

Johnathan explains Edit

A super learner is someone who is able to synthesize, understand, and retain a vast amount of information in a short period of time. I was first turned on to the idea of "super learning" by author Tim Ferriss, who utilizes the Pareto Principle to condense and learn subject matter quickly and effectively. By harnessing the idea that 80% of results come from 20% of efforts, Tim has been able to win athletic championships, learn numerous languages, and even earn himself a world record. But "superlearning" doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing quality of learning or doing the bare minimum. In fact, other famous superlearners include Elon Musk, who was able to self-educate himself on such diverse topics as automotive manufacturing and rocket science, simply by devouring all the texts he could get his hands on. Or maybe you've seen the youtube videos of Tim Doner, the teenaged "Polyglot" who speaks 23 languages, or Benny Lewis, who has learned to fluently speak 8 languages in just 3 months each.

If you check out the lecture notes, I've posted videos of a couple of these amazing people. One common thread you'll notice, they are all quick to admin that they aren't brilliant people or geniuses; In fact, Benny struggled for years to learn even one additional language. Superlearners they're just people like you and I, who have developed highly effective learning and memory skills to overcome the usual challenges of education. With enough work, just about anyone can become a superlearner.


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