Each area of knowledge poses different challenges for memorizations. Below are some examples for visual markers per area.

Mathematics Edit

Medicine Edit

  • Cardium - a heart. This one is straightforward
  • Epicardium - sounds like an “epic cardium” and is an epic, but thin wall that covers the heart from outside. Something like a chinese great wall.
  • Endocardium - sounds like “end of cardium” and is the end of the heart’s walls, the inner part with valves and everything.
  • Miocardium - composed of cardiomyocytus muscles. Myocytus sounds like “my citrus” and may be visualized as some pulsing citrus
  • Pericardium - sounds like and it is actually the bag that holds the heart.

Foreign languages Edit

  • In hebrew who is he, he is she, and the little baby is mummy

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