Remembering faces and names is a task many people have issues with.

Jonathan explains Edit

Remembering faces and names is very easy if you take the right approach. Whereas most people recommend repeating the name 7 times, this is a mistake, as that neuron of information will be all alone, without any synapses connecting it. Instead, try to connect that person to another person with the same name, or a story you heard about that name. What is one feature that this Stephanie has in common with another Stephanie you know... are they both redheads? If you don't know anyone with that name, perhaps you know of a story where a character has the same name. You can then picture them in the story. Try to do it with as much detail as possible to create an effective marker. Then, when you need to recall that they're last name is Jones, you'll remember them wearing a hat and carrying a whip, like they did in Raiders of the Lost Ark. If it's a foreign name, or one you've never heard before, you should use the same technique we use for learning new words. Any crazy example will work, if you link them to a ludacris or bizarre story. Sanjana is a pretty exotic name for most English Speakers, but if you picture Sanjana sitting in the Sun with your childhood friend Jenna, it will be easy to remember her name next time.

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